Reward Points

Reward Points

Earn points while you Shop! Redeem your points when you shop next to avail special discounts. Register with and start earning your reward points. For every 50 rupees you spend, you will be provided with 1 reward point, valued of 1 Rs.

The maximum and minimum limits for reward points has set a minimum and maximum limit for reward points. Where after reaching the set minimum limit 25 points, you will be able to redeem points on your any order with us. Similarly, once your account reaches the set maximum 500 reward points, you are required to use them before heading to earn next set of reward points.

Managing Reward Points You can always log in your account and check your reward points from your Customer account. This is from where you can find and review your points. After this you can decide how many points you want to redeem and not. The Customer account will also display your history of orders and reward points. can set an expiry date to these reward points also.

To know more about them, we request you to keep checking your account information as it will provide you an insight on your reward points. Similarly, by registering for our newsletter, you can have a check on your account and all its transactions. Happy Shopping!  

1. You will get 10 point on newsletter sign up.

2. On every friend invite 10 points will be created to our account.

3. You can avail max 30 points in a day for inviting a friend.

4. On the first purchase by an invited friend100 points will be created to our account.

5. You need minimum 25 reward points balanced in your account to redeem.

6. You can’t store more than 500 reward points in your account. You must redeem otherwise points will be expired.

7. Reward points will be expired after 90 days.