The Historic Tradition of Exchanging Gifts!

A priceless photograph framed elegantly in silver and black in 2015…a branch of a sacred tree in ancient Rome…the three wise men offering gifts to the baby Jesus under a bright star lit sky.
Gifting something to somebody you love and respect is a beautiful page in the book of human nature and history has it, it is something we do to show somebody that we value them. Gifts have been known to be the best expression of love and gratitude.

Giving each other presents during some occasion or just celebrating a relationship dates back to the dawn of mankind. It is undoubtedly a form of selflessness and benevolence. Offering gifts to people on their birthdays to exchanging gifts on festivals, gifts spread happiness.

Gifting has been practiced in traditions worldwide and so the tradition has historical value. The culture of gifts has been prevalent since times immemorial and over the period, gifts have got modern names, meanings and implications. Plus there are hordes of items added to gifting cart.

In Rome, the emperors were offered gifts by their citizens as a display of love and respect. This ritual gradually expanded to include gift-giving among the general populace. The pharaohs of Egypt were honored by the people with the pyramids and idols. Also, with precious gemstones and jewelry which is priceless.

In Hinduism, a vast number of items, ranging from a plate of fruits, gold and silver jewelry to even human and animal sacrifices were offered before deities to please the Gods. Sacrifices are not very popular now though. Christmas is an occasion to give out gifts and spread love. Every kid loves Santa Claus and every parent tries to be the best! The tradition is still followed religiously now all over the world. Birthdays to marriages, they are incomplete without the flood of guests and their gifts.

The notion of giving is made real by this. We learn to take out time for people, not because we owe them something but because you want them to know that you care. Spending days and hours on deciding what would be the best present for a loved one just to see the look on their face. A moment of true happiness, sharing and a pure connection is created and we grow closer to other people.

Gift thus holds an intrinsic emotional value more than a materialistic value.People of all tribes, castes, genders, countries, civilizations have one thing in common, i.e. the practice of exchanging favors in the name of gifts. It’s actually amazing to see how wonderfully gifts enrich our lives and enhance our sentiments.Even if a person is on deathbed, he gets a moment of life when somebody gifts him.

This is how precious it is! This is how soul-touching it is!

Let us share a piece of our emotions with adorable people in our lives…let us share presents…let us pass on this beautiful ancient culture and simply not let it stop ever and ever!

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