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We have an extremely creative bunch of people in our team. What inspires them to create unique gifts is not the sales figures we achieve but the emotional connotations that go along with the gifting experience. They therefore, work on making the gifts differently and something that is not run of the mill. This time around, their creative cells have churned out some absolutely unique Personalized gift ides that will make your gift giving experience the best ever!  This new range of unique gits would work very well for the men in your lives, the women and the children.

So take a minute and browse through our list of newly added gift items assuredly will stir excitement for him, her or the kids.

  1. Personalized Baby Blanket: A gift cannot just get more warm than this!! Summer or winter, the blanket is a quintessential sleeping gear! So it doesn’t matter if you are tucking in your little one under a cosy blanket or aching to crawl under one and watch movies all night long; we now have the perfect gift for those who love their baby blankets! While choosing these as gifts, be assured that we can personalize baby blankets to your choice and would be very happy to deliver them wherever it is in India.
    Personalized Baby Blanket Personalized Baby Blanket
  2. Personalized Photo Cushions : These are a heap full of attractiveness and those who have ‘that favourite DDLJ wala’ cushion that they absolutely must see in their room; they will understand where we are coming from. So whether it is the pink  faux fur one that is nestled cosy on the bed or the paisley print cushion on the Victorain chair in the living room, either ways, there is always room for cushions. What we call absolute icing on the cake it that now we have for you,  several options in personalized cushions! These are particularly popular with the children and teenagers. There are plenty of graphics that can be printed.  It could be the smiling face of a child, a quote that inspired you or just something humorous. We can now print all these and more to personalize your cushions and make them special.
    Personalized Cushions Personalized Cushions
  3. Personalized Rubik Cube : This one made your mouth pop didn’t it! Yes we know! The Personalized Rubik Cube has just impressed the Rubik Cube lovers at a whole new level. Now rather look at the reds and blues while assembling the traditional coloured Rubik Cube; you can now notch up the fun quotient of it by getting it personalized! So if you are looking for something to gift to those who like to crank up the grey cells then this personalized rubic cube is an absolutely awesome gift idea! This surely is going to be one party for the kids!
    Personalized Rubik’s Cube Personalized Rubik’s Cube
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