Greeting Cards are an all-time Favourite

Greeting cards make the perfect presents for every event, be it weddings or birthdays. They are always delightful to give and take. They come in rainbows of colours and can be brought online or from a gift store. Nothing can beat handmade greeting cards though. The effort and thoughts put into making a card all by yourself for somebody is something really sweet and intimate. Greeting cards have a way of making people feel ecstatic. Whether we find them deep inside our drawers or by chance in a book, they instantly bring a flush of emotions and nostalgia and a strange positive vibe. One of the best things about greeting cards is that you can add beautifully written personalized messages in it. Unlike other presents, greeting cards last for life. Years after you have received one, it will still be intact. The words will take you on a nostalgic trip and make you smile just like the very first time you received it.

Cards created by Hallmark are known to be the best in the world. The beautiful language teamed with mesmerizing pictures will always tempt you to pick up one as soon as you see it and they never fail to make the receiver happy.The first greeting cards were made in the 1400’s, the Europeans were known to exchange cards made out of wood on New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. Maximum number of cards are exchanged on holidays. Greeting cards are printed in bulk and supplied to gift stores all over the world. People share their enthusiasm and love through these beautifully designed cards.Professional artists and writers get together and design cards for categories such as Father’s day, Mother’s day, Friendship’s Day, and birthdays.Large companies hire individuals who pitch ideas for the cards, the best ones are shortlisted and made into greeting cards. Companies make sure that only those messages and images are finalized which will appeal to their target audience.Once the perfect paper is selected, these ideas are improvised by a graphic designer and then sent for printing and that’s how we get to choose from a vast range of personally designed greeting cards.Nowadays, you can also customize a card, by inserting a personalized image or giving it a shape of your choice. Mostly people prefer an elaborate collage of pictures of their loved ones. Thanks to the internet you can create these collages by yourself and give it for print at your nearest studio. Greeting cards have been here since the beginning of time. There are infinite choices that can be made for a present, but nothing can replace greeting cards.

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