Gift Prints and Portraits – Let them Jump for joy!

"A gift that is the real embodiment of quality over quantity, the value of thought over any amount of expenditure." – O. Henry

When you spend hours or rather days in the office without seeing your family, or when you come back to your apartment from a hard day and miss your parents, wishing for that cup of coffee your mother would’ve prepared for you, or when you crave to see a face but can’t, a photograph can be such a powerful thing that can stir emotions in you.
A cherished moment with the most special people of your life captured and framed. They are constant reminders of the good times in life. If you stumble upon some old albums while looking through your almirah, I’m sure some pages would leave you misty-eyed, nostalgic and some would make you smile all day long. It’s always good to know where you’ve been and with whom in life. Photographs are like milestones on the road of your life’s journey.
This makes photographs a perfect gift to give. The brilliance of a customized gift with added sentimental value will surely spread smiles. Rather than being materialistic and picking out the most expensive item in the shop, a photograph can be the best option if you want somebody to know how much you care.
A coffee mug in red wouldn’t make me smile the first thing in the morning. A coffee mug with a picture of the best time I’ve ever had in my life will make me smile every morning.
I believe walls are empty spaces we need to fill with the things we love. A wall with pictures of myself with my family and friends is something very symbolic for my love for them and it signifies the value of memories to me. Photographs can be the simplest, most down-to-earth and generous, yet the most priceless gifts.
A picture says a lot, and as a gift, it says it all: thank you, sorry, I love you, I value you, bless you and also, we’re pretty. After all, a memory’s worth can never be defined but can be well-stored in prints and portraits.

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